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Meet Adi and Trupti, better known as “Aditrupz” or Tyo, Trupz or Urbanwanderer. Our life revolves around work, travel, friends, music and photography.

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In which Trupz explores A-Z of what men want, all that and a lot more 🙂 😀 :O

This post is written for Blogadda's What Men Want Contest So BlogAdda announced the "What Men Want Contest" and immediately a light wave went over in my head, the topic sounds interesting. Perfect for a weekend sipping hot coffee and taking…

In which Trupz writes in support of Breast Cancer

  This blog post was selected for Spicy Saturday picks on Blogadda   So we hung out our colored underwear on facebook statuses, sent out bulk mails to your female friends to do the same, abandoned all shame and let the world…

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