In which trupz writes 10 blogging tips for newbies and beginners


A few weeks back there was an interesting post on Twitter by @IndiBlogger where they asked to share blogging tips with fellow bloggers.

There is so much content already on this topic and so much new that is being written with every new development in search engines and digital marketing it’s hard to come up with a single tip that would make a difference.

The initiative by Indiblogger got a lot of response from the Twitter community: MyBloggingTips

Learning from my own experiences, I decided to put together my top 10 tips that have helped me get back to blogging. I encountered the world of blogging since 2005, at that time it was more of a personal blog on Blogger (blogspot) which I somehow got bored of due to its limitations in UI and design. Around 2008 I started with my WordPress blog and that’s how the name ‘blawghh” originated. I did write regularly but a full-time job and growing work responsibilities kept me away from blogging for a long time. Finally, in 2018, I got my own domain and here we are today.

Top 10 blogging tips to grow a successful blog for newbies and beginners

Before you start writing a blog, go over these tips and work out your own regimen. By experience, I know that it is very easy to get stagnated and if your intention is earning money from your blog, then you have to treat this as work and be very professional in your approach. There are many enthusiastic folks, who wake up one day and decide “I want to write a blog” and then they directly jump to reading articles about “blogging for money”. What happens is that because you don’t have a clear direction, you end up not fulfilling both your desires of blogging and earning money through blogging. To succeed in blogging and then generating an income from it, I believe that these 10 tips are very crucial. In this post, I have touched upon SEO and digital marketing very briefly, a detailed post on digressing SEO for blogging better left for another day.

So summing up my top 10 blogging tips to grow a successful blog for beginners and newbies:

  1. Define the purpose of your blog
  2. Use tools to get organized
  3. Create a blogging schedule
  4. List down your blog topics
  5. Study Basic SEO
  6. Research about your topic
  7. Keep your language simple
  8. Use visual aids
  9. Understand what your readers like to read
  10. Be interesting, intriguing and informative

One of the reasons why I love blogging is because I get to learn so many new things, like creating this infographic! Do let me know how you liked it and share your own tips as well 🙂

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