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In which trupz remembers Pu La Deshpande

Today started as usual. a quick round-up of the latest news from Alexa while sipping some chai and reading the advertorials in the newspaper. I picked up my phone to check what the latter chatter was on Twitter with Kim Jun Ung and Donald Trump meet up in Singapore, that tweet thread caught my eye. […]

In which trupz says Travel helps builds character

In the last decade, I have made so many friends who love to travel! Some of them travel often, some of them travel together as a couple, some solo and some travel not as frequently as they would like to. But, if there is one thing that is common among them, it is that they […]


In which Trupz reviews An EPIC account of Ramayana

Book – Ramayana of Valmiki Original Author – Maharashi Valmiki (Translated by Ralph T. H. Griffith) Date – Treta Yuga Available – in various interpretations – ranging from a version of Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas to a more modern take on it by various authors. Those of you who know the characters and plot well, you may […]

In which Aditrupz went to the Gliding Center at Hadapsar, Pune

Gliding center at Hadapsar, Pune Soon after misadventures of paragliding, I was told about the Gliding Center at Hadapsar, Pune by a dear friend P. She told me you only had to go register your names there before 9 am on any Sunday and it had minimum fees for it too, only Rs. 187/- plus […]

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In which Trupz wishes A Happy Women’s Day

This post was selected as Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks for Women’s Day 2011 These are few words I wrote a long time back, but they don not fail to inspire me even now, I had first published them on my old blog (i dont write there anymore) – but on the occasion of Women’s Day, […]