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In which trupz remembers Pu La Deshpande

Today started as usual. a quick round-up of the latest news from Alexa while sipping some chai and reading the advertorials in the newspaper. I picked up my phone to check what the latter chatter was on Twitter with Kim Jun Ung and Donald Trump meet up in Singapore, that tweet thread caught my eye. […]

In which trupz says Travel helps builds character

In the last decade, I have made so many friends who love to travel! Some of them travel often, some of them travel together as a couple, some solo and some travel not as frequently as they would like to. But, if there is one thing that is common among them, it is that they […]

In which Trupz reviews An EPIC account of Ramayana

Ramayana of Valmiki This post is a Ramayana story summary of the epic account of Ramayana. The original author of this epic is Maharishi Valmiki, for the purpose of this blog post we are using the translated version by Ralph T. H. Griffith. The Ramayana story summary is dated during the Treta Yuga. There are now […]

In which Aditrupz went to the Gliding Center at Hadapsar, Pune

Gliding center at Hadapsar, Pune Soon after misadventures of paragliding, I was told about the Gliding Center at Hadapsar, Pune by a dear friend P. She told me you only had to go register your names there before 9 am on any Sunday and it had minimum fees for it too, only Rs. 187/- plus […]

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In which Trupz wishes A Happy Women’s Day

This post was selected as Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks for Women’s Day 2011 These are few words I wrote a long time back, but they don not fail to inspire me even now, I had first published them on my old blog (i dont write there anymore) – but on the occasion of Women’s Day, […]