In which Trupz explores A-Z of what men want, all that and a lot more :) :D :O

This post is written for Blogadda’s What Men Want Contest

So BlogAdda announced the “What Men Want Contest” and immediately a light wave went over in my head, the topic sounds interesting. Perfect for a weekend sipping hot coffee and taking potshots, with a ‘no pun intended’!!

I sat down early Saturday morning, armed with a mug of piping hot coffee and my laptop, cozied up in my pajamas, all ready to puke out my thoughts on Men in my life and what they want. I had barely typed out what the day was feeling like, after having the MAN come in from Pune late the previous night, that I realized that first 3 paragraphs of this post have been everything else apart from the topic in question!!!! So I decided to delete some of the unnecessary stuff, yet I added to it than what I had deleted – more unnecessary stuff!! That is when I slowly began to realise that I probably need to rethink what I want to write. Pondering over my thoughts and glugging my coffee, the sleepy trooper, the MAN in question wearily walked out of the bedroom and laid himself over on the sofa. Brilliant, I said – he wants to sleep more!! Mixed feelings garnered, overjoyed with the happy realisation that I just had and piqued at the thought of shaking the ogre out of his slumber, a sudden flash it all came together what I would write – the thoughts would come straight out of Man’s mouth.

So, I began with the interrogation – at least that is what the Man was feeling, with me poking questions at him like darts about weirdest of things. At one question, he almost spewed the tea all over me.

Relationships were, without doubt, the first agenda, not that it was explicitly mentioned by me, but somehow all the questions I asked, the MAN always had a doubt whether he had made some mistake, did something wrong or I was upset over something, the fact that I was simply interested in knowing more about his choices, his likes for a ‘just like that’ was not good enough reason for him, so my first conclusion,

Men want to know, whether they got it right or not – it could be either the dress they bought you fits your size or not, or whether they have answered questions to your liking or not, ignoring the fact whether what they said was the truth or not.They care enough, to go to the extent to even lie at times to avoid conflicts.

Further, I probed about what was our POA, what would MAN like to do today?? An extremely casual ‘Anything’ came from him. What was anything? A movie, a drive, a drink, a game, a swim, a shave, a haircut, a massage, a lunch, a dinner, a coffee – in my head a list was endless – but for him, any one of these was desirable – this lead to my next observation

Almost all men don’t want to take decisions, about little things in LIFE. The set of things to do for us women tends towards infinity, but Men are happy to fit within the limits as long as it brings continuity to their happiness and peace. Give them too much choice and they may displease you, if they don’t give you a  choice, you end up blaming them for forcing you! It’s a double edge sword this choice game.

By now Man was sure, I was up to something, and he demanded to know, this time he didn’t stop at it when I said “Nothing”. At this time he brought out the fairness card and blackmailed me into guilt on shedding some light on this man-o-theses I was attempting. Thus after an elaborate explanation of what I was doing, happened my next observation

Men want clarity, (yeah I know we almost don’t have a clue at times what that is), but they want to know the black from white within the grey. Now there is no guarantee whether they can figure that out, but hey now they asked for it right ….. The simpler you keep everything the easier it is…. mine is always wary if I am playing mind games to confuse him into giving in to my demands 😛

After Man was convinced, that this session was not part of any mind games I was experimenting, he became more comfortable, and sort of started enjoying all questions I posed at him, actually this may also be due to the fact that he was well shaken up and woken up. But the humor garnished on his responses was quite tasty, naughty yes but not crass, so my verdict was

Men want women to almost behave like themselves emotionally, but be like women physically. Now now, don’t get offended, get into the zone of Women’s Lib movements, but think about it, how easy it would be if you could understand their need to abuse each other just for fun not mean it. Scratch around like a bear without being judged whether he came from Colaba or Koliwada. Belching and breaking wind, are the measures of how comfortable they are with you, they are not JUST bad habits but also part of personal space they are willing to share with you. Better out than in – remember Shrek

Finally, we got ready and got along doing regular chores of the weekend, we went out and the discussion continued. So we touched a little bit on friends, toys, family, food, women, fashion and clothes, movies (his favorite), books etc. Observations on each of them

  • Men don’t want friends to be judged – yeda hai par mera dost hai attitude recently taken over by “Bros before Whoever else”, the infamous Barney quote.
  • Men want expensive toys, most of which are utterly useless, Star Wars lightsaber, cause daddy could not afford it when I was little. To my surprise, he agreed.
  • Men are biologically programmed to stare at women. Cmon we all know that when we step out all decked up, we want someone to look at us secretly. This auto stare function comes in handy then, only sometimes malicious virus attacks on the auto – program makes the subject behave erratic and the process has to be bitch slapped!!!
  • Variety is not the spice of life when it comes to clothes, fashion sense is 360 degrees opposite as most men will be comfortable repeating their most handsome apparels as many times as possible as opposed to women. Comfort means more than couture to them!!
  • Pornography and sports can be discussed with equal enthusiasm, there are un-thought of similarities amongst the two which are beyond the scope of this post.
  • Men like women who can fill their guts well, the way to man’s wallet and credit card too is via his stomach.They deeply respect women who can hold her beers and whiskey. Red alert, red alert – This is the time they like to talk hehe.
  • who says they don’s like shopping, of course when it is for themselves they don’t seem to complain, but when they shop for you, they want you to justify costs sometimes.
  • Cute teddy bears, puppies, kittens, little babies and your MAN, cannot be “AWWWed” by the same degree, this increases competition and size, shape, number of limbs, age are not factors MEN consider when competing for your attention. Spoiler alert – Teddy Bears are not cute – ALL THE TIME. (that’s what he said)

So after a stomachful conversation over chaat, MAN finally had enough, he was in mode of some serious talking when he said this

Men like to think of themselves as PROVIDERS, they want to make sure that whatever they are doing, everyone dependent on them gets what they want. So your grandfather gives you ADVICE, your father gives you SECURITY, your husband gives you a HOME, your brother gives you some harmless TROUBLE and your son gives you a new PERSPECTIVE to life.

All in all, the way I would like to sum up is,

they want to be grown up when they want to impress you

they want to be lovers and gently caress you

they get into fist fights when they want to be boys

they will go shopping with you for 18+-year-old toys 😛

they will make more of a mess than they will cook food

You will see it in their eyes when you are looking good

when they act like brats, you will have to play mommy

You will have to improvise to fill that bottomless tummy

They want a lioness with furry sheep coat

They are all a bit jello, with daughters to dote

They are tough on the outside, for the world and to protect you

I know I am sharing here, most of what you already knew ……..

They may want to watch movies, with machines and guns

But the sight of a cockroach and miles away they can run 🙂

They will bleed for your smile, they will kill to protect you

They want nothing short of, the best of all for you!!

They will forget some of the BIG things, but not to kiss you goodnight

They may not say SORRY, but they will try to make it right.

They want you to SMILE, more than anything else that may MATTER

They may have given you the BEST, but they want to make that even BETTER.

Amongst all the jest and humor, I sincerely do hope, you all want a specimen like mine in your lives too.

If we know it too damn well what MEN would want, there would be no fun left exploring them. I am still peeling off the onion layers over my MAN and seem to be unraveling a surprise, hope you have as much fun too…

[PS – the above observations, were strictly made based on subject availability on weekend, other specimens may or may not behave accordingly, show signs of rebel, tantrums and casual flirting are not covered under this topic. Master control override is disabled in presence of Familial objects :D. Female patrons are duly noted, after all, it only matters WHAT WOMEN WANT.]

In which Trupz writes in support of Breast Cancer


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So we hung out our colored underwear on facebook statuses, sent out bulk mails to your female friends to do the same, abandoned all shame and let the world know where we like IT. Lots of LOLs, curious jacks commented on that i am sure, some more guffawed at the public display of your preferences and many of your friends must have inquired what all the fuss was about…. your social status must have sky rocketed, now that we have become hep and fashionable social cause statement makers!! (ahem, I say WE as I did that too)

Till I got thinking, how much do we really know about the disease and its impact? How aware are we? Is it enough to simply put out a status to support a cause? I didn’t think so. These are some real issues and we all have to deal with it, sometime or the other. Not by just putting it out there for a few hours or guess what attitude, for friends the disease is REAL and we all need to know about it, so i began to read more about Breast Cancer – click on the link for the PDF.

Did you know that 1 in every 28 women in India are susceptible to Breast Cancer. The emerging lifestyle changes and industrailization will make these numbers get even more risky. The biggest cause of fatalities due to this disease is late detection of it. In its early stages research shows that this disease can be cured. But the first step towards the fight with this disease is to educate yourself about it. As women it is important for us to be in control of our health. A woman is the backbone in any household, but often we dont take ourselves and our bodies seriously. Ignorance and neglect can have life altering effects, thus with growing risk of the spread of this disease, awareness needs to spread as well. Read here for more information about Breast Cancer.

I have been lucky, I found this information and I am doing my bit by sharing it here for the ones who want to read more. Do you really suppose that a Facebook innuendo is helping the cause? May be it is, but folks why not be a little more educated about the disease. Don’t let it be something that will be left only on your wall. Don’t just put in that change in a donation box and walk away. Don’t let that pink pamphlet stack up with your old news papers unread. Don’t be selfish and keep the information to yourself. Share it with those women, who may never access to this information.

My friend Poonam Sharma, (_alps) has shared with me this link to a blog post when she interviewed, Dr. Ritu Biyani, a cancer survivor and her efforts to spread awareness about the same. Truly inspirational –

Any female above the age of 20 years should get herself checked, doctors recommend self check exams. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits reduce the risk of breast cancer. A lesser known fact is that breast cancer may also be found in men, although rarely. Remember guys we don’t know what causes breast cancer but we should definitely know about what we can do to prevent it.

There is an age old saying that goes, “Do good and forget about it” – think for yourself about the good you have done by simply falling prey to marketing gimmicks and viral social media messages and how easily you have forgotten about it too? I wont be self righteous and say I was not a victim of this, till I realised all this is not really doing any good to actually spread about the cause, so I chose to write about it. It is important to participate in this campaign as actively as possible.

And remember ladies, breasts should not just be a topic of discussion among guys!! 😛

I am tagging my twitter friends and fellow bloggers to support the IndusLadies campaign. Please do leave your comments and opinions.
Anaghha Mahajan –
Poonam Sharma –
Minal –
Ritu –
and Mansi Bhatia – (it was Mansi’s blog post which got me reading more about Breast Cancer awareness, thanks for the post)
Kaveri Ahuja –!/ikaveri – for she is a Cancer survivor
Prutha Narke –!/prutha