In which Trupz says Simple is the new expensive

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Have you wandered out shopping for some simple clothes, a plain white shirt for example. Typical bold, white formal shirt, easy you say – believe me this last experience made me realise, what a rarity simple clothing has become today’s retail world. Unless of course it comes with a huge brand name, and is part of their supreme luxury line and of course costs a bomb – its not in everyone’s reach to be able to wear a simple white shirt. This chain of though started with recent encounter, we ventured out to actually purchase a white shirt. AD knew what he wanted, so it was a targeted search which lead us to a secluded unmanned corner – almost like the “where no man has gone before” sort of a feeling was hard to resist in the monstrosities that have become MALLS.

There are a few simple things which we need to be aware of, but whether its the inherent laziness, or fact that rampant consumerism makes everything so easily available that we do not stop to think about its implications. A visit last year to the TEDxPune event lead to one more astounding realisation. In a talk presented by Dr. Rajendra Singh – the Jal Purush of India, he said that none of rivers in India any more contain potable water. So you cannot just put your hands down in a stream and slurp the water without risking disease. In cities thus we see the onset of “packaged drinking water”, “mineral water”, “spring water” at a premium price of Rs15 – Rs60 to purchase a litre of these. On our planet which is 65% of aqua, there is not enough clean water for the people but we have more than enough production of bottled water (please  excuse for not sighting exact figures as they are depressing).  Water, basic need of anything living for its survival, simple yet it comes at a price.

Making everything ecofriendly is faux pas. Eco –> Ecological but not necessarily Economical. We have a come a long way from owning CRT television sets, to LCD’s and plasmas and more recently LED TV’s. Leading television manufacturers promoting their newest and ecofriendly TV technology which of course comes for a not so friendly price.  The case is not very different for automobiles too. Although there is a huge uproar when the prices of fuel soaring, there is very little to say about how that has affected manufacture of cars and 2 wheelers. As much as we see the need to hour being cars running on alternative forms of fuel, emitting lesser and lesser pollutants – these ecofriendly vehicles are a premium segment – hybrid and electric cars are out of reach for most people and no match in mileage department as compared to regular vehicles. Its a simple thing to care for your environment, but to be this good Samaritan you have to be able to afford luxury of being one.

The Sun is the source of energy for all life to exist on planet Earth. Its not owned by anyone and its been around for millions and millions of years, yet we are far away from intelligently reusing this this resource. Its a harsh truth that there are very few solar power options, and even if there are most are commercially non viable and expensive for common people to afford. Solar heater, power back ups, portable batteries are all simple yet expensive options for alternate energy sources.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise – this was simple principle most of our ancestors lived by. Back in the day when their exercise included drawing water from wells, carrying it over miles to their homes, or lugging the cattles, ploughing fields, walking for miles almost like a cross country event, where trekking mountains for them was almost everyday affair rather than a monsoon extravaganza as it has become now. Its simple, health first – everything else will follow. Yet how far away we are from understanding this simple truth. We have to pay lacs to gymnasiums and dietitians to help maintain your health and fitness. In a country where larger population lives below poverty line and cannot afford two square meals in a day, an almost equivalent number of people pay staggering amounts of money to almost buy their own health.

Fat laden, high carb, high sugar fancy foods are sold has happy meals at discounted rates, but when you actually want to buy something healthy you have count a price for that. घरगुती जेवण or खानावळ , where you would actually be served home cooked simple food, you remember the picture they put in science books for Balanced Diet that’s what a plate would look like, but why would anyone want to eat home cooked and healthy food outside. Since lure of hotel food is always something that you would not get at home. The flipside of this situation is fancy sandwiches and salads that get sold at exorbitant prices, they are easily something one can make at home and at less then half its price, but then again the fact that things are available without one having to do much which is why it sells and which is why we believe. Its a simple thing, eat when you are hungry, but to learn to be smart about eating is an art for which there is a price to pay, either one has to learn to combat the temptations or you have to cross over to the dark side to realize this on road to recovery. How much is too much is a personal choice after all.

While we are on subject of health, beauty is not that far from it. Beauty is in eye of the beholder – really, so when you see yourself in the mirror, how many feel the same. Is there not a gratifying need to be appreciated more by others than by self. Don’t  we all swear by well constructed and guaranteed beauty treatments and plethora of beauty products owned. And how many of these brands and products have to be tried and tested to finally convince oneself of looking beautiful and pretty. Well it would be fair to say that “Fair is the new beautiful” so achieve varying degrees of guaranteed  fairness in 7 days and then what happens on the 8th day, you go back to your original color? How many of us pay careful attention to the “*” marked in the corner which actually contains the useful information. Its a simple thing to look beautiful but real ask is how many of us can achieve this without layers of expensive make up and by not depending on external products to give you inner confidence.

Its so simple to be happy, but it is so difficult to be simple – an age old saying  which holds true even today. In trying to make this difficult easy we pay the price at the expense of our time, at the risk of our health, adversely affecting our environment and to some extent compromising the quality of life. I agree all good things do come for a price, but what price are you willing to pay is a personal choice.

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