In which Trupz wishes A Happy Women’s Day

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This post was selected as Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks for Women’s Day 2011

These are few words I wrote a long time back, but they don not fail to inspire me even now, I had first published them on my old blog (i dont write there anymore) – but on the occasion of Women’s Day, I could not think of a more better way of appreciating all the wonderful ladies in my life who make living so beautiful by reposting it here.


I am the mountain I am the sea
I am the wind and I am free
I am the sun burning and hot
I am not a coward that’s what I am not!
I am the bird soaring the sky
I am the jet plane flying high
I am the star shining and bright
I am David with Goliath’s might
I am the moon with its craters
I am good but I can be better
I am thankful for your nicety
I am not cold hearted if I don’t show pity
I am what I am; it is what I choose to be
I am not bothered about what others see
I am sporting if you are too
I am forgiving, so forgive me too
I am as frank as I can be
I am proud to be ME!
– Trupz


We don’t need a calendar date to celebrate Womanhood!!

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