In which There is magic in our hands

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So it was special occasion – no birthdays or anniversaries but something even better. Finally Adi crossed off the one thing he wanted most on his wishlist. A MacBookPro is not just any other thing – it is “D thing” to have in many perspectives.

For us Blawghhers – it is a momentous occasion, as one milestone was achieved. Just as one graduate from play school -> high school -> college and then University so has Adi, from tinkering with the Sinclair, to his desktop box P3, to the HP- P4. Compaq laptop and finally University level for all geeks, the MacBookPro!!

I have witnessed his progress from a grumpy Windows user to a Linux enthusiast going on to be an OpenSource guru and now the eventual Apple Fanboi :P.

So while I am getting used to the left close, multi -touch scroll, window expose and the genie effect on the MBP – I must confess I have fallen in love with FluidTunes. All this just at the tip of your fingers is just like magic, seriously minus getting into all the techie details; I am sure a lot has already been written about it, this baby is a piece of work.

Although I write this post on a decently configured laptop, the grey HP is paled by the white beauty of the Mac …..

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